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How companies can work more sustainably in everyday life: 15 tips

  • Increase energy efficiency: Companies should switch to energy-efficient lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. The use of renewable energies, such as solar energy, can also reduce the environmental impact.
  • Use digital documents: Paper consumption can be minimized through the increased use of digital documents and communication. This not only saves resources, but also reduces waste.
  • Sustainable procurement: Companies can check their supply chains for sustainability and give preference to products from environmentally friendly and ethically responsible suppliers.
  • Use of recycled materials: The use of recycled materials in production and office supplies helps to reduce the need for new resources.
  • Promote waste minimization and recycling: Companies can reduce waste by implementing recycling programs and encouraging employees to minimize waste.
  • Promoting carpooling and public transport: Companies can create incentives for employees to form carpools or use public transport in order to reduce CO2 emissions from the daily commute.
  • Offer home office options: By promoting home office options, companies can not only reduce CO2 emissions through less commuting, but also increase employee satisfaction.
  • Introduction of environmental management systems: Companies can introduce environmental management systems to monitor, evaluate and improve their environmental impact.
  • Analyze the product life cycle: Companies should analyze the entire life cycle of their products to identify areas where sustainability improvements can be made.
  • Promoting employee awareness: Training and awareness programs can strengthen employees’ environmental awareness and motivate them to behave sustainably.
  • Optimize water efficiency: Companies can reduce water consumption by installing water-saving appliances and using water consciously.
  • Greening the office environment: Plants in the office not only help to improve air quality, but also promote a more pleasant working environment.
  • Organize sustainable events: When planning events, companies should prioritize eco-friendly options, such as recycling, responsible catering options and digital invitations.
  • Responsible handling of data: By optimizing data centers and using energy-efficient servers, companies can minimize the energy consumption of their digital infrastructure.
  • Partnerships for social responsibility: Companies can work with non-profit organizations and charitable projects to promote social and environmental initiatives and make a positive contribution to society.

    You can find a few more tips for at home here.

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