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20 tips for preserving biodiversity globally and locally

1. protection and conservation of natural habitats: Support organizations and initiatives that are committed to the protection and conservation of natural habitats such as forests, wetlands and coral reefs.

2. sustainable land use: promote sustainable agricultural practices such as agroforestry, organic farming and integrated pest management to reduce habitat loss.

3. reduce deforestation: avoid buying products that contribute to deforestation, such as wood from illegal sources or products containing palm oil from destructive production.

4. support protected areas: Support the establishment and protection of protected areas such as national parks, nature reserves and marine protected areas.

5. reduction of pesticides and chemicals: Avoid the use of pesticides and chemicals in your garden or farm and promote alternative methods of pest control and fertilization.

6. avoid plastic waste: Reduce your plastic consumption and dispose of plastic waste properly to reduce the pollution of habitats that threatens many species.

7. promote biodiversity in your own garden: plant native plants in your garden to create habitat and food for local species such as birds, insects and butterflies.

8. avoid invasive species: Prevent the introduction and spread of invasive plant and animal species by not releasing exotic pets and not planting invasive plants in your garden.

9. support sustainable fishing: buy fish products from sustainable sources and avoid buying endangered species and products from illegal fishing.

10. education and awareness: inform yourself about the importance of biodiversity and share your knowledge with others to raise awareness for the protection of nature.


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11. involvement in nature conservation projects: Get involved in local nature conservation projects, such as cleaning up nature reserves or planting riparian zones.

12. use environmentally friendly means of transportation: Reduce your CO2 footprint by using environmentally friendly means of transportation such as bicycles, public transport or electric cars.

13. conscious consumption: buy products from sustainable sources and avoid buying products that contribute to the overuse of natural resources.

14 Participate in environmental campaigns: Take part in environmental actions such as Clean-Up Days, tree planting or protest actions to draw attention to environmental problems and demand change.

15. support environmental organizations: Donate to environmental organizations and initiatives that are committed to protecting biodiversity and preserving nature.

16. active participation in citizens’ initiatives: Get involved in local citizens’ initiatives that campaign for environmental protection measures in your community, such as the protection of green spaces or the renaturation of bodies of water.

17. avoid food waste: Reduce your food waste by shopping consciously, using leftovers and storing food properly to reduce the demand on agricultural land.

18. promote environmental education: Support environmental education programs in schools and communities to promote understanding of the importance of biodiversity and nature conservation.

19. exchange of knowledge and experience: Share your knowledge and experience on biodiversity conservation and promote the exchange of best practices and solutions.

20. political participation and pressure: urge your government and policy makers to take effective action to protect biodiversity and mitigate climate change.

By implementing these tips, you can actively contribute to protecting and preserving biodiversity on our planet, both on a global and local level.

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